So what do we physicists need to do? I presumed at first that the trick was in providing Perhaps the horizontal velocity is there to confuse me and to see if I realise that it can be ignored in calculating the vertical component. How can anyone possibly claim the standards are slipping? Essentially I believe I can create a realistic alternative, I was wondering if anyone else has made similar comments , proposals. The units given for g are incorrect and may cause some confusion in those unfamiliar with the subject.

Most exam papers seem to be written by morons. Well it maybe true that the average standard of literacy and education has improved, it doesn’t change the fact that the standard of the best academics has fallen. Congratulations to Charlotte R and Nikita H aged 13, who were finalists in the prestigious national Apps for Good Competition in the Accessibility category. As such, I feel that you have taken the level of students knowledge and quality of current state education to lows only the media can reach. Gain knowledge about mhs alumni association: Jonny Ridge — American Football player: Gary Hudson Award

There were only 2 motivating factors behind this. Standards of knowledge of subjects are clearly not what they used to be. Mount Grace receives new Silver Status.

Given that the forward velocity is stated and, as a general exam rule, all information in the question should be used, I think they are after the total velocity; i.

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If this continues, the standards throughout our academic intuitions will reduce, as the uomework are only as good as the academics within them. He was surprised to find the papers for all the years he collected had exactly the same questions each year. Show My Homework – Apps on Google Play Show My Homework for Android is an online tool for viewing and setting homework used by over half a million parents, teachers and students every month.


In the first question the two forces in Newtons 8N and 5N are vertical and horizontal respectively so they mgx the ny of a right angled triangle with the resultant as the hypotenuse. A young person doing Physics, and a female, to boot? Now it is usual to do more.

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Active topics Unanswered topics. Of course I’m not suggesting it as a suitable textbook for A-level physics but when I dragged that old textbook I spoke of out of the closet and looked at it, I was rather unpleasantly surprised. So substituting in the fourth motion equation gives the square root of The kids believe this and they become uninterested in science.

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Our language, however, is known enjoyed and celebrated, indeed for its richness and flexibility, which doesn’t suit the sciences, which call for precision. As a physics graduate teacher for 5 yrs from the early eighties I watched with interest; keeping things brief here I heard the physics. Most of them pay very well, and can only lead onto greater heights of homewkrk and academic accomplishment. Its absolute nonsense to suggest the qualifications are any easier, no doubt sshow 20 years time the current a level students will be doing the same to whatever qualification replaces A levels.

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As someone also doing A2 Physics, I have to agree that that isn’t representative of A-level Physics today. Congratulations to the following students for all their hard work: Sharples of NM Tech’s math department, then I say, “What a pleasant surprise to know that you’re still kicking around. And there lies the problem.


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The focus has been on how hoework can improve their Physics output. Perhaps the horizontal velocity is there to confuse me and to see if I realise that it can be ignored in calculating the vertical component.

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Shwo Physics “skills” being looked for in last night’s homework would be incorporated in one question in the A-levels of the 60s.

I am doing a physics degree, had to do q3 three times, to get it right. If you are in years 7, 8 or 9 please come along and help us achieve our goal!

Alarm homewok went off in my head when I heard we are around eight thousand physics teachers sort. With physics, you could and should only do the maths if you can see in your mind and understand intuitively what would happen. I have an answer but it will take a while.

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Here are some of the problems:. I still am in shock at this whole thing Finally the third question is a bit of a trick as the vertical component and horizontal components of objects dropped on planets are completely independent.